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Get insights into your practice, your dues, etc. with built-in reports..


Sprinng provides you with many built-in reports to understand your data. Query your clients data to get a subset on any advanced criteria. Or control your outstanding by viewing your receivables in variety of ways.

If you are a multi-nutritionist, multi-branch clinic, no problem. Get reports for a specific nutritionists or a branch.


Sprinng presents an easy to follow dashboard as your home screen. It gives you a quick snapshot of the most important points about the practice for you to take action. It also keeps you alert on the most recent activities happening your Sprinng – especially useful if you are a team or if your clients use Sprinng client portal or app.


Sprinng provides a rich set of notifications on various events such as a new appointment, new follow-up, receipt of payment and so on. You can configure these notification to your requirements and Sprinng will always notify concerned persons whenever these events occur.

Daily motivation messages, broadcast of my new articles, new programs notifications! Sprinng has made it so easy to keep all my clients informed. I feel they count on me more than ever for great health

Swati Apte, Bangalore
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