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What is Sprinng?

Sprinng is a platform for Nutritionists to manage and expand their practice online. It contains all tools that you need, in one place, integrated with each other. Currently it contains a complete practice management, CRM, meal plans and recipe creation, client portal and your own website.

What is your roadmap for Sprinng?

Sprinng currently is the only comprehensive platform available for Nutritionists. We intend to keep it best all the time by bringing new features and technologies. We will soon release a mobile app that your clients can download and remain connected with you even better. Sprinng will soon enable you to sell products online to your clients. Stay tuned for more.

How safe is my data?

All data transfer with Sprinng is done using secure connections, which means all data transfer is encrypted. Sprinng itself runs out of secure Amazon data centers. All data is backed up every day at multiple locations including Amazon S3 data stores.

Can I take my own backup of my data?

As such there is no need to take your backup since we do that for you every day. However, in case you need your backup copy, you can place request anytime and we will provide you with download link to download your data.

What happens if I do not renew my subscription? Will my data be lost?

When you do not renew your subscription, your data will be retained for a period of 30 days. When you renew during this period, you just continue using the data. However, in case you do not renew even after 30 days of renewal date, all data will be removed permanently.

How can I cancel my subscription?

We hope you never have to do that ☺. But in case you must, you can cancel your subscription anytime by selecting “cancel subscription” from the billing section of Setting. Please note that cancelling subscription will immediately remove all data permanently so make sure you have taken backup of your data.

Can Sprinng be integrated with my accounting software?

Sprinng allows for exporting of the accounting data in XLS format. You can use this feature to integrate with your accounting software. In future we may add more direct integration with leading accounting software such as Tally.

Can Sprinng be integrated with my website?

Yes! You can use Sprinng API to integrate Sprinng with your website or any other application that you may have created.

How many users does Sprinng support?

The number of users supported by Sprinng will depend on the subscription level. Please check the pricing chart for details.

Can I change my subscription plan anytime?

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription level anytime. Your subscription credits will automatically be adjusted from that day onwards. Please note that you may not be able to downgrade in case your usage metrics exceed what is permissible for lower subscription level. Please contact support for discussing your specific needs.

How does Sprinng manage bulk sending of SMS and Emails to all my clients?

Sprinng uses its own SMS gateway to send notifications and your SMS campaigns to your clients. Emails are sent using your own email server. Your email server can be configured in Settings.

What is active and inactive client?

In Sprinng, active clients are those who have some health plan currently running. Inactive clients have completed (or abandoned) their health plan.

Can I make any client active or inactive anytime or are there any restrictions?

You can make any client active or inactive anytime. The only restriction is that the number of active/inactive clients should not exceed your plan limit.

What if I require a plan configuration that is not listed in your price list?

Our plan configurations should suit most requirements. However, in case you feel that you need a special configuration, contact sales and we will be happy to create a special plan for you.

Will you make modifications to the features as per our requirements?

We have developed a very comprehensive feature set for Sprinng and we will continue to add more features. But in case you would like to see a feature in Sprinng, do give your suggestion in the support section and we will do our best to address it during future releases.

When will Sprinng mobile app be available? Will it be charged separately?

We have not yet declared the release date of the mobile application. But it is a top priority release for us and should be available soon. We will release the information about pricing at the time of its release but it will certainly have a zero cost version.

When will Sprinng e-commerce platform be available? What are its features and charges?

Stay tuned for more on e-commerce platform. How about adding your email address to our mailing list here to get updates ☺ ?