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Know your clients

Staying relevant to clients is the most important challenge faced by all professionals, especially when your client base is no more restricted to one locality.

With Sprinng, understand your client well, capture all details, search, analyze and use its features to stay in touch.

Reach out / broadcast

As a nutrition and health advisor, you want to frequently reach out to your clients – individual or a group of them.

Want to send a weekly health tip to your diabetic clients? Or want to update young woman about the junk food hazard? Or simply want to let all your clients a motivational message. Sprinng makes it easy to shortlist clients and send group messages – email as well as SMS.


You need not remind your clients about upcoming appointments or pending dues. Sprinng does that for you automatically.

Sprinng has rich list of automated notifications that it can send to relevant people whenever an important event happens. Let your clients feel informed, let the feel supported – without spending on a support team.

Customer portal

Offer your clients a self-service portal. It’s a free portal that you can create for each of your client that will allow them to track their own information. So, your clients can check your recommendations - diet plans, exercise plans etc any time without calling you up. What more, they can post any question to you on this portal which you can answer straight from your Sprinng.

Mobile app

Upcoming Sprinng mobile app will get your clients even closer to you. With this mobile app, they will be able to check their details, ask queries, view health plans, learn about new announcements or place order for the products that you sell.

Adding more nutritionists to the team and more clinics in other cities has become a simple task with Sprinng. Now, our clients can be served in any location with a truly personalized service.

Seema Pradhan, Mumbai
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