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Master your data

Your client data at your fingertips all the time. Sprinng collates all your client data so that you can quickly access every detail of your client.

What health plans she has subscribed, medical history, personal details, your questionnaire, diagnosis, follow-ups, accounts …. Everything is just always available.


Sprinng understands that recording details of the client during every visit / call is a critical to giving best advice.

So it provides rich follow-up structure makes recording and searching a breeze. And of course, all important details - client’s medical history, comments, health plans taken earlier - it's always at your finger tip.

Search & Analyze

You have large number of clients (or you will soon have if you have just started :-)

An understanding of your client data is important to you. Sprinng helps you mine useful information from your client data – use it for statistics for your next research paper, spread word on your book or blog or even to create targeted CRM campaigns.


Sprinng also keeps track of your billing and receivables. You don’t need an accountant or a secretary or a separate accounting package to manage billing.

Health Plan billing, giving discounts, additional charges, receipts … everything is managed by Sprinng. It will even send out outstanding reminders to your clients periodically if you want.

Daily motivation messages, broadcast of my new articles, new programs notifications! Sprinng has made it so easy to keep all my clients informed. I feel they count on me more than ever for great health

Swati Apte, Bangalore
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